Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Guildford Mukono Link

Welcome to our new blog!

.......We have longed to be able to give our Guildford Mukono Link supporters updates on what is happening in Mukono but, apart from writing a yearly newsletter, we have all shied away from modern forms of communication. 
Everyone arriving at Mukono with their luggage
Five cases full of computers, smartphones, footballs, books and Teddy bears

However, we now have a new committee member, John Bradford,  who is teaching us how to 'blog' (!). 

This seems such an excellent way of passing on information and pictures are easy to insert into the text. 

I hope it will be easy for all our supporters to access as it will only require clicking on a link within an email and you will be led straight to the new picture and article. 

I hope others will also be able to contribute so that the stream of articles and information will keep everyone involved and informed.

Some of the 60,000 Green Peace saplings planted so far

.......Only today we have had an email informing us that Mbalala School has been closed because the latrines need emptying. 

This is the kind of problem that comes to us for help and support and though this problem is very basic it means that 200 children are without school till the problem is solved.

One of our ten children sponsored through the Wendy Shephard fund

.......The Guildford Mukono Link has now been in partnership with Mukono for 13 years. 

Last year we started looking into our organisation and how we could improve our systems. 

We had two kinds of supporters, members who formalized this support and supporters who responded to some project. 

We have decided that in future all people who support our aims will become 'Supporters' and any individual who wants to support a project or our fund that helps in emergencies would donate via the website. 

Administration is always a problem for a small organisation. This move will simplify the administration but we hope our supporters will continue to be generous, especially those who provide the backbone to the Mukono Link with a standing order, which we hope you will continue. 

We have achieved so much with the generous contributions of our supporters.

Keenotes music: Flute donated by Gordon Jackson, Guildford mayor

.......I have just returned from Mukono after a trip with our Mayor, Gordon Jackson and so I look forward to soon letting you see pictures and articles here.

Tamsy Baker. 

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