Saturday, 18 March 2017

Football in Mukono schools

Two footballs we sent out

............ Do you know that that our Guildford Mukono Link Community Sports programme has been running in the Mukono District of Uganda for nearly SEVEN YEARS !!! 

Hundreds/ thousands of children have benefited from the after school weekly sports sessions which have been led by teachers, university students, and coaches from TKL (The Kids League in Kampala). 

These sessions have taken place at four school centres – Mukono Boarding School, Namawojjolo, Mbalala and more recently St Kizitos.

Warming up for a game

............The emphasis has been on football, with girls and boys of primary school age taking part whatever their ability. 

Numerous children play barefooted – they just want to take part! For many this an opportunity to have a bit of fun at the end of the school day, for some who don’t even go to school it may have been the first step towards taking part in an organised activity.

For others it has offered a chance to improve their skills, to learn about supporting one another, to understand the importance of exercise for health and fitness reasons. 

I witnessed one group learning the alphabet and counting as part of their group activity! Brilliant!

With a student coach!

............To fund the equipment and to pay the teachers and coaches some small expenses, the Guildford Mukono Link has fund raised. 

We have held dinners, raffles, received sponsorship money through Peter Rattray and Luke and Shaz Bishop’s cycling in events, received donations from the Casey Trust, Adam Nally and further individuals, such as Terry Smith and our Trustees. 

Equipment and T-shirts have been donated from the University of Surrey, Guildford, Cranleigh and  Bagshot football clubs!

We won!

............This has all been wonderful but HOW does the project remain sustainable? 

Well, 2017 sees a slightly new direction for the project. 

With the same strong organizational framework, the teachers in the school centres are taking on all the coaching themselves, so reducing administration and travelling costs. 

For just over £1000 a year the programmes can continue at three centres.

Surely we can raise this money to continue the opportunity for 300 - 500 children take part each week!

Would you like to give a donation to help this great project to continue … for another seven years?


Guildford Mukono Link website

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  1. Keep up the sports and keep fit! At this rate David Beckham might join you! John Bradford.