Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Three students from Lutengo United Senior Secondary School

Our first sponsored students outside Lutengo classrooms
 in 2011:
(Left to right)  Harriet, Bridget, Edward, and Kalule

     The Guildford Mukono Link has helped three students from Lutengo United Senior Secondary School - Bridget, Harriet and Kalule - to continue their education beyond secondary school. A large amount of sponsorship came from Sue Knight‘s son running sponsored marathons.

     2007 saw the first three nominated students - Bridget, Harriet and Abau (known to us by his surname Kalule) - complete their “A” levels and receive funding to go on to university.

     Bridget undertook a degree in Economics, while Harriet and Kalule took degrees in Social Administration with additional computer and sports studies.

     2011 was graduation year with Bridget taking up a teaching post at her former school, Edward’s help and support being invaluable.

    By now Harriet was working in a computer company and Kalule was employed by a Telecoms company but still following his passion for football by coaching local youngsters after work.

    In 2015 we see Bridget having successfully run her own kindergarten and now thinking of founding a primary school. 

     Kalule, as well as his daytime work, is now enjoying running a chicken farm he built with several relatives and becoming an important member of the Mukono Kids League.

     Harriet is still working in the Telecoms company but trying to find more interesting and rewarding work.

    We are proud of all their achievements and those of a handful of students who have been able to follow a similar route after school.

Sue Wilbraham

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  1. Congratulations Bridget, Harriet and Kalule! You have worked really hard to get where you are.