Friday, 16 June 2017

Bridget's new school in Kampala has lots of children!

Bridget is one of the students sponsored by a member of the Guildford Mukono Link.

Several years after graduation she has now opened her own nursery school in the house of her sister in Kampala.

Bridget managed to build a roof, doors and windows for the school.

The school has grown and now has three or four classrooms.

Many schools in Uganda are private schools as the government has failed to keep up with the increasing population and the gap is filled by the private sector. 

Bridget has been extremely enterprising to get her school to grow as it has.

The school now has 87 children, with two teachers. Bridget reports that the  children are really very happy: "We shall go for a tour in August and see animals and birds," she says.

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