Sunday, 25 June 2017

"I therefore decided to establish a health unit"

From Harriet, who was sponsored through her social work university degree by one of our members:

I did not want to tell you until I have achieved what I really wanted in my life.

This is how I got it after spending three years on the street without the job of my dream. I got a loan from the bank with the help of guarantors. 

When I received this money I started a business, then operated it for two good years. During all this period I was keeping the profits which I eventually used to buy land in the Luweero district of Uganda in 2016.

On this land, which is five acres, I started planting maize and cabbage and also received money. Then this year I partitioned it into pieces, setting up gardens where people go to enjoy life, have fun, and so on, i.e. a recreational centre. It will basically be grass-hut houses with flowers and fruits like pineapples, pawpaws, oranges and mangoes.

This land is located in a village where people are really lacking health services - to the extent that for them to access such services they have to travel long distances. I therefore decided to establish a health unit. 

Right now I have bought bricks and sand until when I will slowly finish buying all the required materials for the building. I have no financial support from anywhere.

Am sorry for delaying my reply you. It's just that there is no electricity so I cannot access the internet.

Thanks. I love you all.

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