Saturday, 8 July 2017

Lutengo United School developments

Alison Hall, from Seeds for Development, writes: "I went to Lutengo United Secondary School this morning. 

It is the holidays so no-one was there.

They are growing maize and sweet potatoes for the children.

Douglas wasn't at the school so we went to his house to find him.

He had planted twenty eucalyptus trees from the project and all were doing well in his compound.

He was just back from the District Sports, where Mukono came 11th out of around 63 districts.

Next from Douglas to Edward, via the sugar cane, where we met this woman wearing one of our Guildford Mukono Link t-shirts.

The chicken house we subsidized now has a roof, and Edward is hoping to add some chickens soon!

He said that he struggled with the rafters but has put them in now.

This is the bore hole that we have both made happen. 

Tamsy contributed to replacing the broken plastic pipes with metal ones. 

Alison funded the fixing of the hole and, when we tested it, it was working beautifully!"


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