Saturday, 8 July 2017

Teachers from Uganda refused visas

'International' recognition must be an initiative to get schools in different countries to work together and understand each other's cultures through projects worked by each school.

Tamsy met with Milo, the teacher at Guildford County School with responsibility for the Link at Guildford County School. Milo is keen to make Guildford County school an 'international' school. 

He  had hoped to plan this work during the visit of the headteacher of the partner school but the headteacher, Julius, and his teachers failed to get visas.

"Jessica informed us the week before their arrival date, 29th June, that they still did not have their visas." 

The visas were expected on 27th June. It seems that Julius only applied for the visas on 6th June, leaving no time for appeals.

Tamsy had sent her invitation letters in February but has discovered recently that much more information is now required, like proof of her address and ability to financially look after them. 

The reason for refusal seems to be that Tamsy could not guarantee that they would return to Uganda. 

She feels ashamed of her country for taking such an attitude but, unfortunately, that does not help the situation.

Julius informed her on Wednesday that the visas had been refused, and, sadly, the visit will not now take place.


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