Saturday, 8 April 2017

Mukono population growing by 20 a day!

Mukono Health Centre
Hello everyone!

Just arrived back in Guildford from Mukono, Uganda, after a very busy twelve days. We joined a local Council meeting sharing information about the Guildford Mukono Link and how much Guildford and Mukono have in common, especially the size of our two populations, along with each of us having a university.

But luckily our population in Guildford isn't growing by 20 a day! 

The Mukono Health Centre caters for 50% of the births. Half the population is under 18 and the unemployment rate is 70%. It makes our problems in Guildford seem quite small.

In the operating theatre

It would be wonderful for some local people working in Mukono to visit Guildford to see how Guildford Council manage things, especially recycling and refuse.

George Kagimu, the new mayor of Mukono, wants to make Mukono a town to be respected because of its innovations to benefit the community. He and Gordon Jackson - the mayor of Guildford - want to find ways of working together.

Mothers waiting with their babies
We visited the Health Centre and saw the new maternity block which is bright and clean, even though each midwife has to deliver about six babies each day.

Caesareans are also carried out daily and hardly any mothers die in childbirth. 

The two doctors showed us around the nearly completed new surgical wing. It was very clean and the doctors were rightly proud of their achievements.

It would be wonderful if we could find ways of supporting the Health Centre. I took 25 teddies, ten of which were given to young children. I asked for the rest to be given to children suffering from malaria.

Tamsy Baker

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