Saturday, 22 April 2017

Bridget Namagambe's Nursery School in Kireka, Uganda

Birthday party at Bridget's school 

Bridget Namagambe was one of the first students we sponsored through university.

After a year's teaching she set up her own nursery school, called Crane Academy Infant School in the town of Kireka. 

Bridget started with two very small rooms but the number of children has grown and she has built two more classrooms. Another classroom is partially built. 

The children always seem very happy and Bridget and her teachers take the children on trips to the zoo. 

Children's birthdays are a chance to celebrate. These are the birthday celebrations for one of Bridget's pupils, Karungi Muhumuza who is now five years old and in the top class.

Happy Birthday, Karungi!

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