Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Guildford Mukono Link - the pulse of Mukono

Colline Hotel, Mukono, Uganda
We met at the Colline Hotel and all of our members were eager to update us about the developments in their schools, as well as in other areas of development.

It was overwhelming to learn how much has been spent on projects in Mukono during the past ten years. It is a total of £110,000!

The Guildford Mukono Link is a community-based organisation that emphasizes friendship as well as supporting the development of Mukono schools.

The accomplishment of the Link cannot be measured by how much money and effort has been put in but by the impact all this has made.

The Link is becoming stronger every day, especially when we see the achievements in different services like the Health Centre, schools, farms, seminars and workshops, the Sallie Library and the exchange visits.

Susan Wamala

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