Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Some wonderful achievements!

At the Health Centre the Guildford Mukono Link has boosted the services by providing dental and other medical equipment.

With the teddies and clothes, the mothers realized that there is someone out there who cares. With this contribution their lives don't remain the same.

We know the limitations of government in service delivery. So Guildford comes in to bring 'a smile' on people's faces through these acts of kindness.

I do pay special tribute to the sponsors who have enabled these projects to grow.

At the end of our resent meeting on behalf of the Mukono Committee, I handed over a certificate of appreciation to Jim Rattray in recognition of his good service towards the Guildford Mukono Link.  It was not a farewell! I do hope Jim will remain sharing his great ideas with us.

Thank you, Guildford Trustees fpr the great and life-changing opportunities you give to us Ugandans. You have shaped me and you continue to be a great part of my life. I shall forever be grateful.

Susan Wamala

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