Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Workshops and Seminars

The teachers in Mukono who have given up their time to attend the workshops, and the seminars have made great changes to their teaching. They have learned new strategies and better approaches to teaching. 

The good results in the national exams testify to this.

Whenever I share with some of those who have taken part - teachers of primary school science - they tell me that they have tried to use Pete Baker's approaches. As I smile back, the 'inner' in me realizes what a powerful impact the training has had.

I strongly believe that it was worth investing in these teachers.

Likewise, for the High School workshops the aim was to continue to raise the standards of teaching and to promote excellence in the classroom, along with high grade results.

The school farms have put us off the song of 'many children studying on an empty stomach'. Food is a crucial incentive for the children to continue their education.

Many thanks to the Guildford Mukono Link for funding this project.

Children have found joy in the sports they take part in. Most of them have learned to interact and work with one another.

They have learned a strong sense of time management and self-discipline.

Susan Wamala

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